Big Set: Set of 3 Face Masks
Big Set: Set of 3 Face Masks

Big Set: Set of 3 Face Masks

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Big, big, BIG things are here for you. Get ready to drip in hydration, glow like the sun and chill out your woes with the new KNC Big Set Face Masks. Introducing Big Drip, Big Glo, and Big Chill - three bio-cellulose face masks designed to hydrate, brighten and soothe. Inspired by YOU, this set was made to complement your dynamic lifestyle! Now shine on, Queen.

  1. Wash your face. Using clean hands, remove mask from package and unfold it.
  2. Remove the pearlescent film from the mask. Gently smooth it onto your face.
  3. Get the mask all cozy on your face (without getting it in your mouth or eyes, you know?) and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Peel off and discard mask. Behold your Big Set skin. Gently tap in any leftover moisture into skin for an even bigger hydration boost.