The Next Generation of Silver®

Wondering what to do with old silver trays, tea sets, serving pieces, candlesticks, etc.? Julia Moss Designs has the solution. It's called...The Next Generation of Silver®!
We all love the way it feels when we use our family heirlooms, the memories, the beauty and the elegance. But silver doesn’t always match our style today...and who has time to polish all of it?
I believe in classic elegance with a full wattage twist. Let’s do our Grandmothers proud by bringing their memories back to life, and toasting to The Next Generation of Silver®. Throw out the silver polish and rubber gloves. Julia Moss Designs is able to breathe life and color into the silver that’s hiding in the back of your cabinets.
Hugs & Vintage,



The best way to choose the perfect color for your silver is to come into the store and take a look at finished pieces. Though if preferable, JMD is happy to send color samples to your home.
JMD's Color Story Event happens twice a year, adding new colors to choose from.
For now, take a look at our current color story to get an idea of all the possibilities you have with  The Next Generation of Silve



Measure the longest side of the piece
(note: If the piece has handles, include in measurements)

Small: 0-5 inches - $40
Medium: 5-11 inches - $70
Large: 11-18 inches - $90
Extra Large: 18-24 inches - $130
Oversized: 24+ inches - $180

All Pitchers - $90

All Tea Pots, Coffee Pots & Champagne Chillers - $110

  • FDA Food Safe White or Black - additional $10 per piece
    (preparation is included in pricing)

  • Two-step processes
    (Ruby Red, Goldtastic, Emerald Green, Orange Crush, & Rose Gold)
    - additional $10 per piece 

  • Wax removal - additional $15 per piece 

  • Intricacies fee - additional $25 per piece



- Special pieces to be priced accordingly

- Payment in full is required prior to service

- All sales are final